Full screen is blank

            Step 1: Check if respective MCB(s) is ON at Electrical Distribution Box. If It is OFF, ON it. If it is ON then move to step 2

            Step 2: Check if power is received at respective cabinets where main power cable is connected. If Not, call clients electrician / vendor to resolve. If received, then move to step 3

            Step 3: Check if data is received in respective cabinet(s) where main data is connected.

            If NO, then move to step 4

            Step 4: If power is received at the cabinet from which screen is blank then check if power is received on the receiver card of that cabinet (Red light must be ON & stable).  If not, check the SMPS from which receiver card is receiving power is ON or not. If NO, then change that SMPS.

            Step 5: If Red light on receiver card is ON, then check if data is received at receiver card (Green light must be ON & blinking).

            Step 6: Check if Power & Data lights are ON at Sender Card (for Data: Green light should be blinking & for Power: Red light should be stable). If Yes, then check the continuity of main data cable (Cat6 from sender card to receiver card) with Cat6 / LAN Tester.

            If Red light is OFF, then check its connectivity. If Green light is stable, then move to step 7

            Step 7: Check the DVI cable connectivity between Sender Card and computer system.

            Step 8: Check if appropriate resolution settings are set on computer end.

            Updated: 25 Jul 2018 01:43 AM
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